BunduTop | AED 12,000 / BunduAwn | AED 5,500

BunduTop The Original Electric RoofTop Tent from South Africa

The BunduTop standard size is 2100 x 1350 x 300 mm when closed, and 2100 x 1350 x 1000 mm when open. The mattress inside is 2000 x 1250 x 100 mm and it is a high density foam. This leaves enough space inside the tent so that you can leave your bedding inside. Kindly arrange your bedding so that it cant hook into the rope system inside, flattened bedding wont interfere. The tent weighs about 60 kg's, about as heavy as 3 full Jerry cans. The roof weighs 20 kg's and can carry additional weight if evenly spread. You are welcome to install a solar panel on top. The tent has been tested extensively in various locations and weather types. It has proven to withstand 50 mph winds and has performed well in both desert and snow. The BunduAwn comes in two different sizes: 245cm and 295cm

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